Exterior doors are often purchased for their beauty. There’s no doubt that an eye-catching door can do wonders for your curb appeal, but it isn’t all you should consider. You have to consider safety and cost too.

The strongest doors are not only the safest option, they’re also likely to last for decades. Other doors are more decorative but have to be replaced more often. How long will your door installation last? Find out below.

Steel Entry Doors

You really can’t beat steel when it comes choosing a long-lasting door. Not only do they resist fire damage, they’re extremely secure and they can last for 100 years or more.

Look for doors with an insulated core to keep your energy costs low. You can also choose an affordable door. Steel doors start at around $75. Even the most expensive doors won’t set you back any more than a couple hundred dollars.

Wood Entry Doors

There’s no denying the longevity of a steel door, but it isn’t always the best choice. Especially if you have an older home, or you’re going for a more traditional, classic look.

Wood doors offer a bit more beauty, but most varieties won’t last as long as a steel door. A pine door will need to be replaced after 20 years, a cedar door after 40 years, and a mahogany door after 60 years. They can also be extremely expensive when compared to steel, and they aren’t fire resistant.

Fiberglass Entry Doors

If you’re looking for the beauty of wood, but you don’t want to have to replace your door after a few decades, consider a fiberglass door. These doors are nearly indistinguishable from wood doors, especially at a distance. They won’t warp, rust, or split, and they’re more thermally efficient than a wood door.

A fiberglass door should last you well over 100 years, and you can get one for much less than you’d spend on a wood door.

Patio Doors

It should come as no surprise that patio doors won’t last as long as other exterior doors, especially if they’re primarily made out of glass.

It’s likely that you’ll have to replace your sliding glass door or French doors after just 30 years. However, if you keep them in good working order with regular maintenance, you may be able to get a few extra years out of your patio doors.

Everyone’s needs for replacement doors is different. At Window Authority of Dallas/FW, not only do we carry a wide variety of door types and styles, we also offer professional installation.

If your door is past its prime, give us a call and schedule a free in-home estimate at your earliest convenience!