In terms of long-term cost efficiency and everyday comfort, double-pane windows are some of the most recommended replacement windows on the market today — especially in a muggy climate like Houston. By reducing heat transfer into and out of your home, they keep your interior more comfortable and can save you some serious cash on A/C. 

Great as double-pane windows may be, however, they can also fall prey to a frustrating and unsightly problem: condensation between the panes.

Why Condensation Forms in Multi-Paned Windows

When warm air comes into contact with a cool surface, the water vapor molecules in the air get squeezed together, or condensed, to form drops of water known as condensation. So if your windows look foggy, wet, or misty, it’s a good indication that air and water vapor have penetrated your window—which means that your window’s seal has failed and the gas-filled chamber is no longer properly filled.

So…how do you fix it?

How to Address Condensation in Your Double-Pane Windows

Unfortunately, condensation between windows panes is difficult and sometimes impossible, to remove. To address the problem, you have two basic options: “defogging” and installing replacement windows. 

1. Defogging the Windows

Also known as thermal window restoration, defogging involves the following steps:

  • Drilling small holes in the window pane

  • Spraying a cleaning solution between the panes

  • Sucking out the moist air

  • Sealing the holes with one-way vents to let moist air escape in the future

You should be aware that there’s some debate among professionals about how effective defogging is and how it may impact the window’s insulating capabilities.

2. Replacing the Windows

The most certain way to remove condensation is to restore the seal by replacing the windows. By installing reputable replacement windows, you’ll not only take care of the condensation problem — you may also end up saving money, in the long run, thanks to the improved energy performance of modern replacement windows. You won’t know what’s recommended until you contact a professional window company.

Get a Professional Opinion and a Free Cost Estimate from The Window Authority of Houston

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