If you want a modern look, great ventilation, and uninterrupted views, casement windows are the style for you. They swing open like a door, using hinges on the vertical side. Let’s look at a few of the many benefits of casement windows.

#1 They Update Your Home’s Look

Casement windows offer clean lines that will give your home a more contemporary look. A straight frame all around the glass offers a minimalist look that works well with the traditional or contemporary exterior design.

#2 They Are Energy Efficient

When a casement window closes, the window presses against the frame and weatherstripping, creating an airtight seal. This eliminates the potential for air drafts to come into your home around the edges. There are no gaps between units like there are in double-hung or slider windows.

#3 They Offer Better Security

A casement window can be latched tight using the built-in hook-shaped locks. They connect the frame and window unit, giving the window another layer of security. From the outside, an intruder is faced with a window closed flush to the frame. There are no moving parts available from the outside so it’s hard to jimmy the window open.

#4 They Open to Allow Fresh Air In

Casement windows open up to a full 90 degrees. The entire window opening is available to let fresh air into your home. The window unit cranks out to catch the passing breeze and maximize the amount of air that comes in. These windows work especially well to provide ventilation in places where buildings are close together.

#5 They Offer Uninterrupted Views

A casement-style window can be constructed without the mullion and stiles that divide the glass of more traditional styles. This means the entire window opening is made of a single piece of uninterrupted glass, offering a clear, unobstructed view.

#6 They Are Available in Many Design Variations

Casement windows are available in any number of design variations, making it easy to select a style that fits your home’s architecture. You can select windows in different colors and materials. You can get windows with the glass completely open for a contemporary look or add a grill for a more traditional style.

#7 They Work Well in Tight Places

There are some places in your home where you want light and ventilation, but don’t have much room to deal with opening and closing double-hung windows. A couple of these places are over kitchen sinks and bathtubs. Casement windows are the perfect solution in these situations as they open and close with a simple turn of the crank.

Whether you are upgrading your windows or replacing old ones, casement windows are a great way to enhance the look of your home. Contact The Window Authority today to get a free consultation!