Currently, homeowners are looking to purchase windows that are energy efficient. When you are energy conscious, you can minimize the heating and cooling costs inside your home and help the environment. You know how expensive energy bills can be. Apart from saving energy through proper usage of electricity, you can also do it by selecting the right windows for your home. Your windows can play a big part in how hot or cool your home can be. Did you know that some windows are designed to trap warm air inside during winter and keep cold air when it’s hot outside? This is the main reason why it’s crucial to choose the right windows for your home.

If you have older less efficient windows, it may be time to update your windows to be energy efficient. This update can be costly but it can be an investment on your part. You will realize that in the long run, you can save more by paying less energy in the process. You pay once for the update and you save on energy costs every month. Plus, you get to enjoy a comfortable home with a comfortable temperature indoors. 

What windows are designed for energy efficiency?

When it comes to energy-efficient windows, there are a lot of types you can choose from. Some windows though are designed to be more efficient than others such as:

  • Double-hung windows
    The most common energy-efficient windows you can find at home, especially in the pre-war buildings, are the double-hung windows. Double-hung windows are energy efficient since they reduce air leaks between the air inside and outside your home. Thus, your heating and cooling system will be able to provide the comfort you need without using too much energy. 
  • Casement windows
    Casement windows are considered to be the most energy-efficient window because of its design. The window opens outward, so it seals itself tighter when a strong wind blows. If you live in a windier place, then casement windows are the best option you have for window upgrades. There are strong seals on all its sides, which means that air leaks will hardly be an issue. 
  • Picture windows
    The picture window is a type of window with one pane of glass and is non-opening. What makes it an energy-efficient window? Well, it’s simple. Since it doesn’t open up, it also doesn’t allow any airflow. But at the same time, the fixed pane allows natural lightning. Do you want to save energy cost on your lightning and enjoy the scenery outside your home? Picture windows will be perfect for that. 

How do you make your energy-efficient windows more efficient?

Yes, you read it right. There are still ways you can employ to make your already energy-efficient windows more energy efficient. You can add panes of glass to your windows so there will be more layers of insulating air between inside and outside your home. In the case of casement windows, you might also like to have your windows filled with argon glass between its panes. Argon gas is less conductive, thus, the amount of hot and cold air passing through the window will be minimized.