Many of us want to own a home someday – no more paying rental fees on a space that we can’t own. Even before you have the money to purchase a home, you already have the list of must-haves for your home such as how many bedrooms there are, the kind of neighborhood you want and whether a small lawn is enough or not. 

When you finally have the finances to purchase a new home, you have to remember that there’s more to home purchase than just noting your favorite list.  When you start shopping for homes with your real estate agent, make sure you are making a good investment. Here are some things to check when purchasing a home:

  • Windows
    When doing a house inspection, don’t just pass by the windows. Take time to pull back its curtains and check out the window frames. You will be one lucky buyer if you will find no issues with its windows. However, if the windows are producing weird sounds or are sticking to the jam when you try to open them, then there is definitely something wrong with them. 
  • Location
    You have to keep in mind the location of the house especially the type of its neighborhood, the traffic condition of the area as well as the noise condition since these all affect your stay in the house should you buy it. If you value your privacy and peace, then you won’t definitely like to purchase a home in a very busy neighborhood with cars speeding up and down the streets.
  • Roof
    Don’t forget to look up there before you enter the house. Even without climbing on the roof, you can still check the condition of the roof. Are there gaping holes somewhere? Is the roof caving in? A bad roof is a sign of many possible things happening inside the house. It might be old enough and needs replacing. Or there might be leaking which can lead to a more serious problem.
  • Smell
    Don’t trust a scent especially if it’s applied too much. If you notice that the realtor is using scented candles in suspicious corners without a valid reason, then it is more likely he or she is trying to mask something. Check out every room and pay extra attention to the walls, ceilings, and every nook and cranny of the house for signs of mold and mildew. 
  • Plumbing
    You wouldn’t want to purchase a house that has a water leakage, would you? Water leaks may sound like a minor issue; however, they can contribute to structural damage.  

There are more areas in the house that you need to pay extra attention to when doing a house inspection. The checklist above will help you find the home that you will surely love.