With so many people spending increased time at home these days—working, relaxing and running the household, it comes as no shock that more homeowners are looking for effective ways to reduce outside noise and distractions.  And of the various ways in which outside noise finds its way inside, the age and integrity of a home’s windows is one of the most influential factors.  For this and numerous other reasons, sound-reducing dissimilar glass has become an increasingly popular selection.       

Whether you’re working from home these days and seeking a more quite space to concentrate, or looking for a way to block out the sound of traffic, businesses or loud neighbors, installing replacement windows with sound-blocking dissimilar glass is a smart move.  Here are just a few of the many benefits dissimilar glass windows can provide.  

  • Dissimilar glass is known for having a high STC-rating  that helps reduce noise
  • Provides better sound-reducing properties than triple-pane and laminated glass
  • Features two glass panes with varying thickness to block multiple frequencies
  • Manufactured with a wider air space to create two distinct sound-reducing layers
  • Dissimilar glass windows are available in an extensive variety of sizes and styles  
  • The Window Authority offers a full selection of sound-reducing windows in DFW

Regardless of whether you’re new to Dallas Fort Worth or have called the region home for many years, when outside noise interferes with your day-to-day tranquility, it might be time to consider replacing older windows with something a bit more noise-proof.  The Window Authority is proud to be one of the most trusted and well-established window companies in Fort Worth, offering a vast selection of high quality windows and expert installation.

To learn more about having noise-reducing windows installed or to start a free estimate, get in touch with The Window Authority today.  We’re based in Fort Worth and serve customers throughout the entire DFW and metro area.  Give us a call at 817-349-3334 or 214-329-0333, or reach out via email through our contact page