Here in Fort Worth and the DFW Metroplex, this unprecedented winter storm sent many furnaces into overdrive. If your windows are old, damaged or unable to keep the cold air out where it belongs, there’s a good chance you’ll soon be seeing higher monthly heating bills. Upgrading your home to new energy-efficient replacement windows is hands-down one of the best ways to keep your monthly utility costs under control.

Here at The Window Authority in Fort Worth, TX we’re proud to offer one of the best selections of affordable replacement windows, professionally installed for reliable performance and function for many years to come. Here are just a few reasons to consider making the upgrade to energy-efficient windows.

  • Energy-efficient windows can help reduce monthly heating and cooling bills

  • New windows can help improve the appearance and value of your home

  • Modern hardware and fittings make todays’ windows more secure and functional

  • The Window Authority offers professional installation and guaranteed satisfaction

  • Many of the windows we carry are manufactured here in the state of Texas

  • We offer a diverse inventory of replacement windows to accommodate all budgets

  • Convenient financing options to make replacing your windows more affordable

If history is any indicator of what to expect in the future, we should all by paying attention to the fact that it can get frighteningly cold in the DFW area. If you’re tired of dealing with old, drafty windows that just can’t do the job anymore, The Window Authority invites you to get in touch and learn why we’re trusted by so many homeowners in Fort Worth, Dallas and the surrounding suburbs. We’ll be happy to answer your questions, schedule an appointment or get started on your free quote.

The Window Authority can be reached by phone at 817-349-3334 or 214-329-0333 during regular hours, or send us an email 24/7 through our website’s secured contact form.