Sure, you could take your tax refund check and blow it on a trip, a gadget or something that you’ll likely grow bored of a few months from now. Or… you could do what other smart DFW area homeowners do, and use it to significantly improve the look, feel and value of your home. Home improvement projects are way too easy to put off, which makes tax refund season one of the wisest times to take care of those projects that keep getting moved to the bottom of your to-do list.

Invest Your Tax Refund in a Home Improvement Project from Window Authority

The Window Authority in Fort Worth offers a wide range of home improvement services at competitive rates, and backed by one of the best reputations in DFW. Here are just a few of the ways we can help you improve your home while increasing its comfort and value.

  • New Energy-efficient Replacement Windows Installed

  • Upgraded Entry or Patio Doors for Added Security

  • Siding Installation to Enhance Beauty and Boost Curb Appeal

  • Glass Wall Systems that Open Up Entirely New Perspectives

  • Ongoing Manufacturer Specials and Convenient Financing Options

  • We’re Committed to Using Products Made in Texas and the USA

Put Your Tax Refund to Work for a More Comfortable Home

Whether you’re tired of dealing with those drafty old windows, or can’t stand looking at siding that’s damaged or outdated, The Window Authority offers superior home improvement services at rates that are consistently lower than our industry colleagues. To learn more about the benefits of making a gorgeous new investment in your home this Spring or Summer, or to schedule a free consultation, get in touch with The Window Authority today.

We’re based in Fort Worth, TX and proudly serve homeowners throughout the greater DFW region. Read our reviews, browse our services and reach out to learn more about how we’ve helped so many others in the area. We can be reached by phone at 817-349-3334 or 214-329-0333, or write to us 24/7 through our contact page.