Windows are an important part of your home. Keeping them in good working order requires some basic attention and maintenance. As summer begins to break through, take these steps to get the longest possible life from your windows.

Give Your Windows Some Exercise

We all have a few windows that are raised and lowered frequently, especially once the temperature gets up. We never have to wonder if they are working properly because they are used so much. Other windows are rarely touched. They are out of reach on high walls, or they’re in rooms that are rarely used.

When it’s warm enough outside to allow the house to air out, turn off the air conditioning and open every single window. Make sure that it raises, lowers, and latches smoothly without binding, popping, or getting out of line. If some of them show signs of trouble, check on replacements.

Check for Water Problems

The natural enemy of a house is water. Anytime that rain, snow, sleet, or other moisture can find its way inside a house, damage will result. Windows represent a major access point for water, so it is critical that you keep an eye on them to make sure water isn’t getting inside.

Check to make sure the window is tightly positioned in its opening. Look at all its caulking and gaskets, and examine the interior side for any signs that water is seeping in. If any of your windows show trouble in this area, don’t hesitate to replace them. In time, they’ll cause damage to your walls and floors. Also, make sure that your siding or brick doesn’t have cracks or gaps that allow water to pass through.

Turn Your Cleaning into an Inspection

The accumulation of dirt, insect spots, and general grime can really impact the appearance of your windows. Spring or summer cleaning is a popular choice just because we all love crystal-clear glass. However, cleaning does more than simply remove the filth. It also provides you with a rare opportunity to give your windows a thorough visual inspection.

As you clean, watch for signs of cracked glass, loose panes, or missing caulk. Note any problems with the frame, latch, or installation, giving you a heads-up on when you might need new windows. If you encounter any of these problems, give us a call.

Your windows are an important part of your home. They contribute to its appearance, provide security, and regulate the amount of light that comes inside. Every spring they provide those first breaths of fresh air after winter…and every fall, the last gasps before the cold returns.

Keeping your windows in good shape requires a steady maintenance program and an understanding of when it’s time to replace them. When that time comes, contact The Window Authority for an estimate on installing new replacement windows in your home.