Just like the eyes are the window of the face, windows are the eyes of the home. Well chosen window styles can transform any home. They bring in light and air, add beautiful details and make any home more functional. If you’re thinking about which windows are right for your home, you’ll find plenty of types of window styles that work well in different rooms. Carefully chosen window styles are must for any modern homeowner who wants to bring their home to the next level. Look for details like ease of use and you’ll have the right answer for any room.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are windows opened by means of a simple crank that fits over an attachment to the side of the window. These are a good choice in rooms like an entryway or the kitchen where people to like to control the window precisely. They let you determine the exact angle of use. Open them fully during the spring and let the sunshine inside without the need to go outside. They have another benefit. They’re also easy to clean. Turn them one way and you’ll clean one surface fast. Turn them another way and you can clean the other side of the window. They come in many sizes so you can always find one right for the space you have in mind.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are designed to help add more light while at the same time adding in character. These windows protrude from the room. This gives occupants extra added space. A typical bay window consists of one window that doesn’t move in the middle and two side windows that allow for greater control. Bay windows are much loved by those who like timeless home style. Bay windows make it possible for people to create a window seat in any room that lets people enjoy sunshine directly and add in even more character at the same time.

Awning Windows

These are windows that have a top hinge that can be opened from the inside. They swing outward from the side of the space. Awning windows are often used in spaces like basements where wall space may be at a premium and standard windows will not fit. They are also found in bathrooms where people wish to preserve privacy. Homeowners can use these windows to let in light and air even in spaces that may otherwise get little of either. They relatively easy to clean and they’ll fit in even very small spaces.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are windows that open on the bottom and at the top. They are extremely popular. This is because they fit in any window space and offer character. They’re also popular because they can be easily opened and closed. Homeowners can choose to open up the top to allow for air flow while leaving the bottom part closed. This makes them versatile enough to keep in the bedroom or the kitchen.

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